Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Whats wrong with Corporations?

There are many much more talented and dedicated writers out there exposing the ills of Corporations..Its not just the corporations but in most cases the banks that own them and their fiat monetary system.

Just Google "Whats wrong with corporations"

We at the moneytree co-op are focusing on positive alternatives and solutions to Fiat banker corporate problems and have no intention to dwell too much on the negative.

We maintain that not all corporations are evil and welcome dialogue with any corporate members to help create a greater reality than the present corporate one that is destroying the planet.

Why is a co-op the solution to corporations?

Why a co-op?

As a business model co-ops are on the other end of the spectrum to corporations..

Co-ops are owned by the workers.

Co-ops are democratic each member whether, investor, executive, or cleaner has one equal vote.

Co-ops can not be co-opted by the rich and powerful while members remain informed and the co-op has transparency.

Co-ops share their profits with all workers.

A Co-op maintains moral and social responsibilities and are ethical. 

Co-ops help and encourage self employment and small business.

Co-op members remain free and independent.

Co-ops work with the needs and demands of the customer who are also members.

We believe offer a proven workable alternative to corporations which encompasses the philosophy of freedom and independence and liberty.

What kind of co-op are we?

When we have members we will know..As the Mondragon co-op federation of the basque country say...

"We build the road as we travel down it."

We are genuine grass roots artists who are nobody..But we believe working together we can be somebody..But not a Corporation.

Our Intent is to be like no other.

Monday, 28 January 2013

.999 Silver Moneytree Investment Art For sale.

We are selling more than just Art, we are selling an Idea.
This tree encapsulates more than just the idea of co-operation to the solution of corporate monopolies and dominance.
It encapsulates the truth about money and how in this reality Fiat money is being used to steal our energy.

We hope to use this energy the moneytree generates to create a greater reality than the one we are experiencing.

We are confident the longer it takes to sell the money tree the more value in relation to Fiat it will have.
Silver, money for thousands of years is more use full than most people realise and is in short supply.
We believe in the age of deceit Silver is possibly the best investment of our age.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Seeking Alternative Solutions

Calling all artists, freethinkers, and anyone seeking solutions, freedom and Independence.
Would you like to help create an alternative system?

I have long believed that co-operatives offer a workable solution and an alternative operating system to the corporate system that is taking over. The same way, silver, Gold and other metals offer a proven alternative to the current debt based fiat monetary system currently in place.

I have an idea of starting an arts and crafts co-op using the arts, silver and other alternative currencies to spread awareness, bring like minded individuals to work together, generate wealth, promote alternatives and create the solution to corporate/banker occupation.
I would also like to contribute something positive to the cause and create a better world for my beautiful children.

I can not do this alone but I have an idea ready to be sold to those who wish to co-operate.
Membership is voluntary.

Members get a share of profits as decided by one equal vote per member.

The initial intent is to expose money for what it is and offer the proven alternative silver.

Of all the conspiracies the one most damaging and destructive that cannot be disputed is what money is and how the monetary system works.There is a great opportunity once this is realised to empower ourselves and use the energy created by real debt free money to create a greater reality than the one we are experiencing.

We are certain that peoples need and dependence on money is the one thing that can unite most people.

Money is our energy, as it is we are being deceived and robbed of that energy through the devaluation of legal fiat currency by inflation. 

We intend people to look at money and appreciate its beauty and usefulness and embrace the freedom it can bring.

For now.
This is what we are selling.               The moneytree

Silver Money Tree - Investing in Silver and Art

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please get in touch. Email contact is silvertreeartist (at)