Saturday, 26 January 2013

Seeking Alternative Solutions

Calling all artists, freethinkers, and anyone seeking solutions, freedom and Independence.
Would you like to help create an alternative system?

I have long believed that co-operatives offer a workable solution and an alternative operating system to the corporate system that is taking over. The same way, silver, Gold and other metals offer a proven alternative to the current debt based fiat monetary system currently in place.

I have an idea of starting an arts and crafts co-op using the arts, silver and other alternative currencies to spread awareness, bring like minded individuals to work together, generate wealth, promote alternatives and create the solution to corporate/banker occupation.
I would also like to contribute something positive to the cause and create a better world for my beautiful children.

I can not do this alone but I have an idea ready to be sold to those who wish to co-operate.
Membership is voluntary.

Members get a share of profits as decided by one equal vote per member.

The initial intent is to expose money for what it is and offer the proven alternative silver.

Of all the conspiracies the one most damaging and destructive that cannot be disputed is what money is and how the monetary system works.There is a great opportunity once this is realised to empower ourselves and use the energy created by real debt free money to create a greater reality than the one we are experiencing.

We are certain that peoples need and dependence on money is the one thing that can unite most people.

Money is our energy, as it is we are being deceived and robbed of that energy through the devaluation of legal fiat currency by inflation. 

We intend people to look at money and appreciate its beauty and usefulness and embrace the freedom it can bring.

For now.
This is what we are selling.               The moneytree

Silver Money Tree - Investing in Silver and Art

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please get in touch. Email contact is silvertreeartist (at)


  1. I am a huge advocate of the co-op, member-owned, partnership model of enterprise. I'm also interested in alternative currencies, and have been interested to learn about some here in Brazil, where I now live, in the US, and elsewhere, even several in Germany. The U.S. has dozens of food co-ops and credit unions which operate locally, and I was a member of a food co-op in NYC, which all contributes to my interest in the larger implications of this model. I like to appreciate also that areas like Denmark, Germany, Emiglia-Romana Italy, and Mondragon Spain are larger political regions with high levels of employee participation policies. Good luck with your project.