Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why is a co-op the solution to corporations?

Why a co-op?

As a business model co-ops are on the other end of the spectrum to corporations..

Co-ops are owned by the workers.

Co-ops are democratic each member whether, investor, executive, or cleaner has one equal vote.

Co-ops can not be co-opted by the rich and powerful while members remain informed and the co-op has transparency.

Co-ops share their profits with all workers.

A Co-op maintains moral and social responsibilities and are ethical. 

Co-ops help and encourage self employment and small business.

Co-op members remain free and independent.

Co-ops work with the needs and demands of the customer who are also members.

We believe offer a proven workable alternative to corporations which encompasses the philosophy of freedom and independence and liberty.

What kind of co-op are we?

When we have members we will know..As the Mondragon co-op federation of the basque country say...

"We build the road as we travel down it."

We are genuine grass roots artists who are nobody..But we believe working together we can be somebody..But not a Corporation.

Our Intent is to be like no other.

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